At CHIKA’S, we believe in authenticity and are inspired by a passion for GOOD food. Our work is guided by commitment to Community – we help in educating girls and give them the confidence to lead – and Inclusiveness – we respect people, embrace differences and are committed to an equal workplace. We give back to the African communities that inspire us. 

CHIKA’S Girls Rotation Programme

With CHIKA’S Girls Rotation Programme, we focus on bringing school-aged girls into the business. They choose the sectors and we let them spend 3-6 months interning in those departments with our permanent staff, giving the girls much needed hands-on experience.

At CHIKA’S, we give back to the African communities that inspire us. We aim to grow females to assume as many leadership roles as possible through our female-focused rotation programme.

We are currently working on a robust learning and development programme, for staff and for our girls rotation programme.

The Goal:

  • Encourage girls to work hard and finish school.
  • Prepare girls for the world of work through experience. This means a certificate from CHIKA’S Corp which is recognised and highly sought after.

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